Gelsy Verna
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Gelsy Verna who was born in Haiti on March 31, 1961 and passed away at her home in Madison Wisconsin, on Tuesday March 11, 2008, at the age of forty-six. Devoted mother of Clara Alicia, beloved daughter of Clara (Lanier) and Joseph Marie Verna (deceased March 15, 2008), she will be dearly missed by her brothers and sisters Henri-Donald, Josèfe Marie, Gaëtane (Gaétan Haché), Stéfan and Mahalia, her nieces and nephews Benjamin, Shabaka, Savannah, Perseus, Léontyne, Keegan, Edwige and Lydia and her many relatives, friends, students and colleagues. We will remember her forever.
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remembering you...   / Stephen Perkins (friend)
...was in the art department today at madison and came across your project art space but it was empty, and so i've applied to show my recent anti-trump work in there. but either way i was reminded of your wonderful spirit & warmth and i miss you... ...  Continue >>
Just thinking of Gelsy   / Phyllis Palmer (Iowa Roommate )
Woke up this morning with Gelsy on my mind. Thinking about her at the kitchen table with the brown ceramic mug and a piece of toast that she would dip in her morning beverage. She had a brilliant smile. Wishing I had some of her artwork around me. In...  Continue >>
Triste nouvelle...   / Eric Clairvoyant (Ami)
Allo Gelsy; Je viens d'apprendre cette nouvelle par des amis de Peace Centennial.  Toi qui aimé la vie à pleine dents ça se voyait par ton sourire au primaire et j'imagine que cette .nergie s'est amplifiée avec les a...  Continue >>
Au revoir Gelsy !   / Michel Baudoin (Amie d'enfance )
J'ai appris ta mort il ya deux ans. Bien que nous nous étions pas revus depuis la fin du secondaire, cela m'a fait un choc. Tu as fait partie, toi et ta gentillesse, ton sourire, de ma jeunesse et donc de ma vie. À ce moment, c'est...  Continue >>
Au revoir Gelsy...   / Claude Cipelletti (Childhood friend )
It is with much sadness that I learned of Gelsy's passing. I had lost contact with Gelsy many years ago but she was such a vibrant soul that I always remembered her. We had lot's of laughs she lit up the room wherever she went.   Au revoir be...  Continue >>
Memories / Joe Prescher (Student, Friend, Fan )    Read >>
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Still Very Much Shocked...  / Boris Gregorich (Friend)    Read >>
My friend, my countrywoman, fellow parent  / Jennifer Angus (Friend)    Read >>
Gelsy will be sorely missed.  / Jose Rodriguez (Grad Student UW-Madison )    Read >>
peter@peterlocascio.-com / Peter LOCascio (Friend from ARt Institute )    Read >>
Gelsy added color to the world!  / Phyllis Palmer (Roommate in Iowa )    Read >>
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